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What else can you say!  Wow!!!!  I am sitting here with my feet up and a hot cup of coffee watching the leaves fall.  (Not really, I am working!)  But I am watching the leaves fall from my window as I work.  What a gorgeous day here at the Inn! The sky is blue and the weather is warm and the leaves are still full of color.

I can see the bus across the street at the Harvester and they are unloading the gear for tonight’s David Nail show.  There are 2 busses.  This will be quite a show.  Also playing downstairs is The Band of Oz.  I am thinking that you are wishing that you could be here with me.  Well, you can!  We are open and taking reservations.  You can check in, walk over to Bootleggers for dinner and then cross the street to go to the show.  A short walk back at the end of the night and you are home.  Tuck into a luxurious bed and fall fast asleep.  Wake to the smell of coffee being made.  Add some biscuits, bacon and eggs to your plate and settle in for a wonderful homemade breakfast.  Add some homemade jelly or apple butter to your biscuits to finish off your breakfast and feel satisfied and full.  Next, take a walk on the property or through town.  Better yet, relax in the hammock and read a book.  Have some coffee later at the Daily Grind and then come back and repeat!  What a way to start a weekend!