If you’re reading this- you are on the new website!

The staff at the Inn is very excited to have put together a new website!

Did you know that websites should be redone just about every five years? Well, it’s true! Did you also know that four out of five brides say that a venue’s website is very important to them when choosing their wedding venue? That one is new to us! So, we thought it was time to make some changes.

When planning our changes, we thought easy navigation is a must. There’s nothing more aggravating than trying to get around a website and never actually getting around it. Being a bed and breakfast and events venue, we have a lot that we offer: overnight-stays, weddings, private events, private dinners, you name it! We also have our bar that is open most weekend nights and Harvester show nights. There’s a lot we want to include on our website and trying to include everything while making the navigation smooth was a challenge, but I think we managed! We also wanted to do the Early Inn justice, as we think it’s one of the most stunning pieces of property. We might be a little biased on that!

Of course, changes are still being made and we will constantly be updating and improving each way that we can. However, we got to a point that we are very happy with. Happy navigating!