Let’s start with our giveaway winner…

Christine Arena!

You were our randomly chosen winner! You won a free night’s stay with us after attending the Local Foods Community Dinner. You are able to retire to your room without having to travel anywhere, except up the sidewalk. We hope you’ll snuggle into your robes, and slide underneath our luxurious comforters and relax! The Early Inn is dedicated to making this trip one to remember for you.

Now… Are you ready for the deal?

Book a room with us this weekend for nearly $100 off of our typical weekend rates! There’s no code- just reserve your room before it’s too late: Click Here To Reserve A Room! There’s only a few rooms left, so book now.

Don’t forget…

The Cimmaron Band, Wildfire Band, and the Angel Country Band are playing live, here at the Early Inn on September 15. Gates open at 4:00 p.m. and tickets are only $15 online. Our bar will be open, and we will be featuring beer by Hammer and Forge Brewing Company, and the Hibachi Guys’ food truck will be serving dinner.

You will want to preorder your tickets because tickets will go up to $20 at the gate. Feel free to bring lawn chairs and picnic blankets, as we’re expecting a beautiful night under the stars! We hope to see you there.http://www.swissexpert.net