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The Early Inn at the Grove: Answering Your Questions

This last weekend, I came across this little list of questions that brides should ask their venues (Questions to Ask a Wedding Venue). We all know in business, no one truly loves to give out prices before the client knows exactly what is included, excluded, and any perks. Most the time, it’s for a good reason. Many people hear a price without knowing what’s included and they turn their head. So, I thought I could answer some questions on behalf of the Early Inn that usually can’t be found just by scrolling online!

  • How many guests can the venue hold? As many as 250!
  • What is the cost of renting the space? We offer wedding packages ranging from $1,000-$5,000.
  • What is all included in this cost? Wedding tent, benches for the ceremony, custom-made arbor, tables, chairs and white linens, five guest bedrooms, bridal suite, custom-made bar…The list goes on!
  • How many hours do we have the venue for if we decide to book? You receive a total of five hours for your event! (Excluding set up and break down)
  • How many parking spots are available for guests? We accommodate up to 50 cars.
  • If needed, can we rent additional parking spaces? Yes, we have overflow parking across the street.
  • Can I use any vendor of choice or do you have a preferred vendor list? We have a preferred vendor list to guide you towards the best, and we work exclusively with Center Stage Catering, but we allow outside vendors!
  • Does your staff setup, tear down, and clean following ceremony/reception? Yes, we will!
  • If we’d like for the ceremony and reception to be held in the same location will you have the staff to turnover the room seamlessly? About how long will this transition take? Thankfully, with our 10 acres of land, you are able to have the ceremony and reception on the same property in two different locations! This is easy for your guests, as the reception can be feet away from the ceremony!
  • When can we begin to set up on the day of our wedding? As early as 8:00 a.m.
  • If we have the ceremony outside, do you provide a back-up location in case of bad weather? Yes! Our tent’s sides can be rolled up, exposing the panoramic view of the property. This is a great location to use as a plan B.
  • Are there any restrictions on the use of space? Of course, if you don’t reserve the whole property, the house will still be used for outside guests. This restricts the client from using the house for anything except photos!
  • Are there any noise restrictions? We do have neighborhoods in the surrounding area so we like to be considerate and have all sound off at 11 p.m., but we offer several ways to keep the party going without upsetting anyone!
  • Does your venue provide a bridal room and a groom’s suite? We do have a huge bridal suite! It’s equipped with a private bathroom, private sitting area, screened inn porch, iPod dock, vanity, and large mirror. For groomsmen, we can set them up with golfing or skeet shooting the day of to keep them busy (Since they take about 15 minutes to get ready)! Otherwise, the men are always happy hanging in our parlor around the bar.
  • Can I see a sample of the tables, chairs, linens, and any other decor in which you will provide? Yes! We have samples and lots of photos.
  • How much is the deposit for the venue? We ask that you put half down, but we are happy to work with you!
  • When is the due date for the balance?  The date of the event.
  • What forms of payment do you accept? Card and check.
  • What is your cancellation policy? Unfortunately, if the event is cancelled too close to the date, we cannot refund because we hold that spot for you while turning down other inquiries. If you cancel more than 6 months out, you receive a partial refund!
  • Is there space for a band/DJ? We have so much space for a band or DJ!
  • Does the venue supply a sound system? We do not have one on site. Most musicians will supply their own.
  • What staff/support will be available the day of the wedding? We provide you with parking attendants, a couple staff members to answer any questions or help with heavy lifting, and if requested, a wedding coordinator!
  • Are we close to nice photo locations? We might be biased, but our whole property is extremely photogenic. Brides are also welcome to wonder around the home for the perfect photo, which won’t be hard to capture! Of course, brides and their photographers are welcome to wonder through downtown, Rocky Mount, as well.
  • Do you have an on-site caterer or will we need to arrange our own? We work exclusively with Center Stage Catering. There is a fee for outside caterers.
  • Do you have a kitchen on-site? Yes, we do!