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How to Avoid Uninvited Guests at Your Wedding

Picture this: your third cousin attends your wedding, you didn’t give her a plus-one but she shows up with someone else anyways. She introduces her friend to you as, “boyfriend”. You had no idea she was seeing anyone! So, naturally you ask how long they’ve been together. The answer? A couple of weeks… Photos come around and your photographer is calling for all relatives of the bride and here she comes to hop in the photo with her new boyfriend. Two weeks later, they break up, and you’ve got a photo from the wedding of your family and him hanging in your kitchen…


I would like to stress that is is not rude to not pass out “plus-one’s” to everyone on your guest list. How many randoms will you tolerate in your wedding photos? The answer should be none! Not only will uninvited guests show up in your photos, but you’re also paying for them to eat and drink. No one should be offended, and most importantly: they should accept it and not try and bring one anyway. Unfortunately, many brides feel guilted into inviting and paying for too many additional people or they show up anyways!

So, here’s what I found that seems to help the most…

I encourage every engaged couple to set up a wedding website . This allows your guests to read about how you met, access your registry, read about the wedding details, etc. You can also keep all of your wedding plans organized in your dashboard, which is so handy. But best of all, your guests can RSVP on it too! Are you ready? The solution is next. You can send someone an invitation with a plus one or not, when they log onto your website to RSVP they will be asked to fill in the names of who is coming. If they don’t have a plus one, the website will tell them! It’s a not-so subtle hint to take the hint!

Now, this helps a lot when keeping the random plus-one number down. Although, it’s very difficult to be 100% sure that no one will bring uninvited guests. So, if one slides by- make sure to let your photographer know so they won’t be hanging on your kitchen wall for years to come!


(Make your wedding website on the the Knot )