We are so excited to share our new arbor with you!

In a previous newsletter, I had spoke about what our hopes were for our new arbor! We wanted something with a little character, mobility and stability. There’s no doubt we hit on all of those things.

Although it’s a two-man job, this arbor can be relocated anywhere on our property, which allows brides to choose their own unique location for their ceremony. The arbor is a little heavy, but with that comes stability; it isn’t going anywhere once it’s placed: wind, rain or shine! The fencing in-between the pillars will keep the arbor from getting a little wonky, making it easier to be moved around. Lastly, I think the character really shows in the subtle arch at the top of the arbor, I have not seen many like it… and it’s the perfect height for any tall grooms or brides!

The arbor was made from treated wood, so as it drys, we are thinking of the perfect stain for it. We want our arbor to have a natural look. Many brides come to the Early Inn to incorporate the outdoors in their wedding, and we want our arbor to do the same! There will be many floral arrangements and greenery hung on this arbor in the years to come. So, we think if the wood of the arbor were a dark, tree-like, brown, that it will compliment the greens being hung on it, as well as help them pop!

We are in love with the new design of the arbor and we just can’t wait for the first wedding of the season so we can see it all dressed up! We will be sharing photos once the arbor has been stained and staged, so that our clients can get a better look.

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