We’ve been doing some shopping!

Antique Vanity in the bridal suite

We’ve been looking high and low for the perfect addition to our bridal suite. We wanted something that will make brides swoon, look perfect in photos and, of course, match the rest of the room! Although our bridal suite already has a private bathroom, we wanted another spot for make up and hair. After a couple months of looking, we found this gorgeous, antique, white wash vanity with crystal knobs. Isn’t it beautiful?!

OvenPizza oven

Another fun addition to the property is our pizza oven! We tested it out this past week and we are in love, not just with the oven but with the pizza. The pizza’s were delicious and perfectly cooked. We definitely plan on using this for events in the future! Want to see how our first pizza turned out? Click to watch: First pizza in the pizza oven!

The shopping isn’t over yet! Changes are always being made and we’re still out about looking for the next perfect addition to the property.