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Happy Valentines Day!

We are all probably thinking the same thing about Valentines this year… Nothing says, “I love you” like coming home from a long day at work, maybe too tired to even think about making dinner, only to fall asleep to the same TV series you’ve been watching for weeks now. It’s true: nothing about that say’s, “I love you”. So, I’m thinking let’s make the weekend one to look forward to. Why not push back your valentines celebration to the following weekend? Your loved one will be up for it, if it means not doing the same thing as every other night. Your valentine’s celebration should be away from your typical routine and if that means holding off till the weekend, do it! Here are a few ways to make this weekend nothing short of extraordinary:

  1. Cook together, something a little more upscale than your usual dinner in. I’m going to bet that there’s one designated cook in the house, well, do it together this weekend! Go grocery shopping, grab a bottle of wine or maybe a six-pack, pour a few drinks, turn up the music and cook together. (Romantic Dinner Recipes)
  2. Make some cocktails together and do a little taste testing. Grab several ingredients for some new drinks and have an at home mixology date! Don’t forget to cheers to something special! Here are some cocktail recipes perfect for valentines by Diana Kelter: Valentines Day Cocktails 
  3. Fon(due) you like dessert? Indulge in conversation over some chocolate covered strawberries. Or if you’re a salty over sweet kind of person, make some cheese fondue. Here’s some fondue recipes, sweet and salty: Cheese and Chocolate Fondue Recipes by Tashween Ali
  4. Draw a bath and light some candles. Give a little and take a little, like foot rubs, for instance!
  5. Get couples massages, the easiest way for you both to treat each other. Check out the valentine’s deals at the local spa.
  6. Make breakfast in bed. Saturday’s mean waking up slow, and nothing says romance like breakfast in bed for your loved one! Add a mimosa for a little extra touch!                                           
  7. Go dancing! Or pick up a couple DVDs for at-home dancing lessons. Your first dance was not meant to be the last.
  8. Are you feeling like getting out of the house for a change of scenery? Check out a museum in the area to spark some good conversation, and follow it with dinner at a new spot.
  9. Game night always give you a chance to laugh together. Find a card game or a board game for two and compete! Or, invite some of your couple friends to join in on the fun.
  10. Are you doing the long-distance thing? Block off hours of time, light a candle and FaceTime your love! Eat dinner together, and watch the same movie over FaceTime.