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The Convenience of Downtown Rocky Mount

Being centered in downtown Rocky Mount, Virginia is a great advantage for our guests. Within only minutes of walking distance to the Harvester Performance Center, we always encourage our guests to go out for a show while they’re in town and experience downtown Rocky Mount life.

It get’s better though! Adjacent to the Harvester, is B-Sides (like the b-side of a record!), an awesome burger and beer joint constantly hopping with live music and good company. The convenience of having burgers, brews and music in walking distance to the Early Inn allows our guests to go out, enjoy themselves, have a few drinks and not have to worry about getting behind the wheel.

Speaking of music, the Harvester has a quite a few shows coming up this weekend, check them out at Harvester Performance Center: Upcoming Shows. If you’re heading to the Harvester this weekend, give us a call and reserve a place to stay and be safe on your night out!