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The new rack cards are in and we hope you love them as much as us!



We LOVED our old rack cards, but we are so thrilled to have received our new ones! The inspiration behind our design is obviously weddings and events, which is exactly why we wanted something fresh and bright. Weddings are romantic, they are exciting, and the photos should be some you want to reminisce on forever.

As much as we liked our past rack cards, it was getting to be time to update it. Change is never a bad thing, and in business, theres always room for improvement; changes are always being made. Many individuals come to us, after staying at the Inn, exclaiming, “We’ve seen photos, but they just don’t do this place justice!” So, we wanted our new rack card to really do us justice. I think we did it!  We picked some photos from a couple of our favorite weddings that truly highlight the gorgeous property our Inn sits on, as well as portray what a bride can do with it. We hope our clients love the new rack card as much as we do! Be sure to think of us for your next event. 😉