What are you doing to celebrate your mom, sister, or wife, on this Mother’s Day?


I don’t know about you but on holidays like this, I love to look to pinterest for some DIY ideas. My mom has always been a very personal gift-giver; she’s always handcrafted myself and sisters items for us to use or to play with. So, I interpreted her love language (or gift-giving language) as handcrafted items… And pinterest is FULL of that!

There’s nothing quite like knowing that the gift you are receiving was made carefully and just for you! Here are some pinterest sites that I have used in the past… And will most likely use again this year:

(1) Mother’s Day DIY Gifts

(2) Gift Baskets for Any Occasion  –> This one’s not necessarily Mother’s Day specific – but awesome gift basket ideas!

(3) DIY Gifts for Your Mom on Mother’s Day –> Pay special attention to the side-menu on the right, it’s full of more ideas!

Now, again- I’m not sure about your mom, but mine is constantly saying “I need a massage”, or, “I need to chill”, or my all-time favorite is, “I need to be alone, so I can hear myself think.” Thanks, Mom… Love you too. 😉  If this is something you’ve heard from your mom in the past then consider purchasing her a ticket to our Spa Day at Early Inn at the Grove on Saturday, May 12, from 12:00-4:00 p.m. One ticket is $50 and includes everything listed below:

  • Light shoulder massage (By Shawn Durden of Massage Envy located in Roanoke, VA)
  • Facial (By Mary Kay Consultant, Chelsea Claytor and assistant)
  • Makeover (By Mary Kay Consultant, Chelsea Claytor and assistant)
  • Complimentary mimosa
  • Light lunch
  • An entry to win the door prize (Door prize is being donated by Barnyard Blue, goat-milk soaps and lotions, of Boones Mill, VA)

Any Spa Day attendees are also receiving a discounted room for the night of May 12! Email us at stay@earlyinn.com to receive your discount.

Happy Mother’s Day!