Something’s Cooking at the Early Inn

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We are excited to announce that we are partnering with Center Stage Catering, another Franklin County local!

We have high expectations of the vendors we bring through our venue. We strive for professionalism, consistency, as well as the ability to smoothly execute the job. We also love to support other local businesses, being one ourself. So, working with other locals only seems right!

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Our New Custom-Made Arbor Has Arrived!

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We are so excited to share our new arbor with you!

In a previous newsletter, I had spoke about what our hopes were for our new arbor! We wanted something with a little character, mobility and stability. There’s no doubt we hit on all of those things.

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New Additions at the Early Inn

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We’ve been doing some shopping!

Antique Vanity in the bridal suite

We’ve been looking high and low for the perfect addition to our bridal suite. We wanted something that will make brides swoon, look perfect in photos and, of course, match the rest of the room! Although our bridal suite already has a private bathroom, we wanted another spot for make up and hair. After a couple months of looking, we found this gorgeous, antique, white wash vanity with crystal knobs. Isn’t it beautiful?!

Pizza oven

Another fun addition to the property is our pizza oven! We tested it out this past week and we are in love, not just with the oven but with the pizza. The pizza’s were delicious and perfectly cooked. We definitely plan on using this for events in the future! Want to see how our first pizza turned out? Click to watch: First pizza in the pizza oven!

The shopping isn’t over yet! Changes are always being made and we’re still out about looking for the next perfect addition to the property.

Questions Asked and Answered

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The Early Inn at the Grove: Answering Your Questions

This last weekend, I came across this little list of questions that brides should ask their venues (Questions to Ask a Wedding Venue). We all know in business, no one truly loves to give out prices before the client knows exactly what is included, excluded, and any perks. Most the time, it’s for a good reason. Many people hear a price without knowing what’s included and they turn their head. So, I thought I could answer some questions on behalf of the Early Inn that usually can’t be found just by scrolling online!

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Change is Always Good

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The new rack cards are in and we hope you love them as much as us!



We LOVED our old rack cards, but we are so thrilled to have received our new ones! The inspiration behind our design is obviously weddings and events, which is exactly why we wanted something fresh and bright. Weddings are romantic, they are exciting, and the photos should be some you want to reminisce on forever.

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Dinner and a Show, and a Cozy Place to Stay

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The Convenience of Downtown Rocky Mount

Being centered in downtown Rocky Mount, Virginia is a great advantage for our guests. Within only minutes of walking distance to the Harvester Performance Center, we always encourage our guests to go out for a show while they’re in town and experience downtown Rocky Mount life.

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Hosting a Private Event Just Got A Lot Easier

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Luncheons and Private Dinners at the Early Inn

The Early Inn wants to invite you to host your luncheon or private dinner with us. We’ll set up a consultation where we’ll get all of your tiny event details so we can understand better how to make your vision a reality. Our chef will put together a gourmet menu catered to you and your guests liking. Our Breezeway Bar and Patio is also available for any event, all you have to do is choose between open or cash bar, and select the perfect cocktails, wines, and brews for your event…

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Plus One or Plus None

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How to Avoid Uninvited Guests at Your Wedding

Picture this: your third cousin attends your wedding, you didn’t give her a plus-one but she shows up with someone else anyways. She introduces her friend to you as, “boyfriend”. You had no idea she was seeing anyone! So, naturally you ask how long they’ve been together. The answer? A couple of weeks… Photos come around and your photographer is calling for all relatives of the bride and here she comes to hop in the photo with her new boyfriend. Two weeks later, they break up, and you’ve got a photo from the wedding of your family and him hanging in your kitchen…


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Bridal Emergency Kit

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The Day of Your Wedding: What to Have on Hand

No one wants to show up unprepared! Here’s a checklist of small, not-so-easy to think of items that may be of great use on your wedding day.

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Don’t Settle for Your Wednesday Routine this Valentines

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Happy Valentines Day!

We are all probably thinking the same thing about Valentines this year… Nothing says, “I love you” like coming home from a long day at work, maybe too tired to even think about making dinner, only to fall asleep to the same TV series you’ve been watching for weeks now. It’s true: nothing about that say’s, “I love you”. So, I’m thinking let’s make the weekend one to look forward to. Why not push back your valentines celebration to the following weekend? Your loved one will be up for it, if it means not doing the same thing as every other night. Your valentine’s celebration should be away from your typical routine and if that means holding off till the weekend, do it! Here are a few ways to make this weekend nothing short of extraordinary:

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