Bike Friendly at the Grove

Located in the heart of historic downtown Rocky Mount, Virginia, Early Inn is situated on 10 grove like acres right across the street from great Franklin County attractions like the Harvester Performance Center.

Early Inn has 5 exquisite bedrooms in the main house and a 2 room suite (new next month) in the adjoining cottage. Our rooms typically go for $100 to $190/night.  However, if you have tent or hammock we can offer more affordable “bike friendly” accommodations too.

Whether you’re riding bicycles or motorcycles you’re always welcome at the Early Inn.  We’re here to make sure you relax, enjoy and get a great night’s sleep before you ride again.

With our convenient location, amazing inn and property and amenities your bike will enjoy the Grove and so will you.

Our bicycle policy

We welcome our guests to bring their clean bicycles with dirt-free tires into their room. If your bike needs a clean-up we have the tools, reception should be able to give you a hose and brush.

So whether you’re embarking on a nationwide tour, or fancy having your bike with you just in case, our friendly hotel bike policy makes it easy.

Amenities at the Grove

Early Inn boasts several amenities for bikers and cyclists alike:

  • Covered breezeway with gate:
    • great for your bike’s storage
    • great for repairs sheltered from the elements
  • Bicycle repair stand and basic set of tools
  • Bicycles are allowed in guest rooms
    • other indoor storage options that are more convenient
  • Wash station and towels available
  • Filtered water for guests to replenish their containers
  • Air compressor and pump for tires

Do you have a large group of bikers or cyclists?  We can accommodate you!!!

The Early Inn sits on 10 Grove like acres with plenty of space for tents.  We also have a large 4000sf tent with hardscape flooring, electric so you can remain out of the elements.  The tent is also equipped with free WiFi so you can email and surf all night long.

We are within walking distance to restaurants, shopping and entertainment.  We also have a full ABC license and can provide a variety of dining options.