Why should you choose to stay in a bed and breakfast over a franchise hotel?

In the past two months, I’ve heard, “I am so over franchise hotels”, several times from our guests, when telling us why they chose to stay at the Early Inn. Although chain hotels will never truly lose business, there’s a small movement pushing for local Airbnb’s and Inn’s. Being a bed and breakfast, of course, we love that!

So, after working in a chain hotel myself and after hearing about all of these decisions to go local, I wanted to put together a list of the most popular reasons guests have chosen to do so:

1. The Customer Service

Bed and Breakfasts’ have a much smaller staff, which provides a much more personable experience. The staff is more likely to make sure you are content and happy, whereas at a chain hotel, where there’s hundreds of staff members (I might be exaggerating!) and hundreds of guests, the staff is less likely to be concerned with your overall satisfaction. Bed and breakfast’s are also usually looking for more reviews to draw more attention to their locality. In this case, they will perform better because one bad review could damage their attraction, compared to a chain hotel- one bad review won’t trump 100 good ones.

2. Your Experience is More Local

Experiencing your destination like a local can be done by staying in a bed and breakfast. Chances are, you’re off the beaten path, as opposed to in a central spot and the staff will have a lot more insight and personal testimonies when helping you choose where to eat and where to go.

3. You Feel More at Home

With a small staff, and a small guest count, a bed and breakfast is going to be a home away from home. It’s a less formal experience (not to be mistaken with professional), which offers you the flexibility to lounge around as if you were at home. Also, if the B&B offers dinner, it’s going to be a home-cooked dinner, as opposed to stored frozen food for mass amounts of people.

4. More Space and Privacy

When you stay at a hotel, generally you’re in a small room with two beds and a desk. However, at a bed and breakfast, you’ll not only have a cozy, spacious and unique room, you’ll also have several common areas to enjoy, such as the living room, dining room, bar, library, etc. In addition, some bed and breakfasts feature outdoor common areas such as a yard, patio, and garden. You’ll feel like you want to spend your entire vacation at the bed and breakfast!

5. Meeting New People

Chances are, in close quarters, you may run into other guests. I’d like to think, if you choose to stay at a bed and breakfast, you might be a pretty personable person given the casual atmosphere. Maybe you’re going to the same concert that evening, or headed to the same park- you might be making lifelong friends! It’s just too hard or intimidating to meet new people when there’s 50 of them around you at a large hotel!

Overall, a bed and breakfast is going to cater to you the way a chain hotel couldn’t with hundreds of guests. You are, maybe, one of several guests, allowing them to put careful attention into your stay. Stay local! Stay with Early Inn at the Grove!

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