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Can you believe that January is over?  Not that I mind, but it did kind of fly by .  That just means that we are one month closer to warmer weather.  Today is Groundhog Day and according to Phil, we have 6 more weeks of cold weather.  Which is a month and a half before we begin to see signs of Spring.  It will not be too soon for me.  But while I am patiently awaiting the arrival of warm weather, I am also taking the time to spruce up the inside.  All of the little details that need to be attended to.  How about you?  What do you do to pass the cold weeks of Winter?  Why not take a little get away and come to Rocky Mount.  Lots of exciting things are happening here.  We have wonderful art that can be seen at the Grainery as well as the Artisan’s studio next door to that.  Then you can walk over to see some of the cool, “retro” items at Old is Cool!  Brian has some amazing things in his store.  I just picked up a Leon Russell album for $2.00 to take with me to the concert next weekend at the Harvester to have signed after the show.  How cool will that be!  So take some time to come down to Rocky Mount to enjoy some art, old and new.  And while you are at it, check us out.  Better yet, come and stay for a night or two.  You won’t regret it!